Create a week’s worth of content under 2h to get clients without sending a ton of cold DM

Tired of spending 1h on one single post? Feeling stuck between an idea & writing? Too much work & not enough time to write? Impossible to make sales with your content?

I got you!

Inside this mentorship, you will go from:

  • No idea to endless content ideas
  • Being inconstant to scheduling all your content
  • Spending forever writing to 2h to write 10 posts
  • Posting into the void to a proper strategy that brings clients
  • Feeling alone in this journey to having a supportive community
  • No guidance, being lost to lifetime group coaching

The good news? Creating content DOESN’T take time with this game-changing method!

It fits totally with a busy schedule or a 9-5 & you will still have plenty of time to engage, develop your offers, get clients, do client work…

All of this at such an exclusive one-time price!

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Marlene Konu

Hey, I'm Marlene!

Since 2018, I've been experimenting with a TON of writing method out there. But I'm not a natural writer 😅 Until I turned it into my business strength! It’s what you will discover in this mentorship! Ready to turn your content creation into a child’s play?!

That's only a tiny part of what is waiting for you! 🤫